31365 Retama Ridge - Expansive One Story Home on Acreage!!

31365 Retama Ridge is New on the Market!! Built in 2000 by custom design. The home owners were so tired of not finding what they wanted that they went to an architect and told him to make them what they wanted! This home is complete with 4 bedrooms, 3 FULL bathrooms (no halfsies here), a study, and a Side Entry Garage! Thats a nice aspect that you don't find everywhere. If you are one to really enjoy alot of natural light, this one is for you. 31365 Retama Ridge has 37 windows built throughout! Don't worry about road noise with all those windows though. Nestled 100 feet back from the main road in the community, this home sits privately and quietly. The neighbors are great, but you aren't too close to them with all the acreage on this lot. With the 3 huge acres this home sits on, 31365 Retama Ridge is definitely a quiet oasis. The current homeowners started private walking trails for you. Fix yourself a glass of wine or grab a cold beer to go walk off that long work day. You deserve it!

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