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Hi my name is Brayson Verzella, and I’m the team leader for Team Infinity Real Estate Group here with Keller Williams Heritage. I want to take a moment, just a few minutes, to talk about the Canyon Lake area. Canyon Lake is a great recreational lake with a lot of residential real estate opportunities around it. I'm going to go into a little bit of the lake itself and then I’ll touch on the actual home information or housing information.

There are a couple of Military Parks of the lake where if you have a military ID, whether you're with the Department of Defense or whether you're fire service or whether you're active duty, you can get in to the Fort Sam military side Army side or you can get into the Randolph air force base side. The nice thing about it is just more often than not you can claim yourself a nice spot, there is a few less people in there which is nice.

The other parts of the lake are open to the public such as Jacob's Creek and some other locations around the lake which are great in themselves. They have a lot of great little picnic benches and tables places where you can enjoy yourself with your family. Again is it a big recreational lake so their big on swimming, boating, jet skiing, people having picnics, camping, a lot of that is what you’ll see going on around Canyon Lake.

The nice thing about is they do have to designate parks, they also have communities such as Mystic Shores, Mystic shores is a community that has a great homeowners association type facility. It’s got some acreage to it, they got volleyball courts, restrooms and a private facility for homeowners that belong to the Mystic Shores Homeowners Association. So if you're interested in living on the Northern North Western part of the lake, Mystic Shores is a great master planned community where you can get lots roughly one acre to somewhat above an acre and maybe a little bit under an acre and build a nice, whether it be custom home or one of the production builders that are able to build on your lot. We can also walk you through this and get you more information on and assist you with if you're interested.

The nice thing about having our assistance or just a realtor’s assistance in general, on the build on your own lot program, is we can actually get information on comparable on sales, give you a good idea of what that same quality or caliber of home using those same materials is selling for on a price per square foot or cost per square foot basis. We can just make sure that you know, worst-case scenario, you're not grossly over paying per square foot for your home in addition to doing our research on the lot but builders and a number of others build on your lot and then there's of course a slew of custom home builders.

We can get you more information on Mystic Shores. One of the other things I wanted to mention is there's actually a lot of pre-owned options on the South side of the lake. A lot of people enjoy the South side of the lake because it is close proximity to the New Braunfels area as well as its close proximity to Spring Branch not too far from Spring Branch and it is just a short drive from 281 so you can hit San Antonio from the north Central side of town which is a pretty popular part of town for shopping, fine dining and a number of other things in addition to just where people work in general.

Of course if you work in downtown San Antonio, you might want to allocate some extra time for any kind of commute from Canyon Lake since on average it’s about a 40 minute drive, 45 minute drive from the North side so something else to consider.

The water is very blue at Canyon Lake most of the year. The issues lately have been to do with the lake levels being a little low, so please keep that in mind. A lot of fishing goes on at Canyon Lake as well and real estate in general has prices anywhere from the 100’s and maybe even under but on average the 100's on up to about a million for property on the lake or around the lake. Of course, the nicer the property, the larger the property, the better lake front opportunity that that parcel of land affords, of course the more expensive, its typically going to be. You can get yourself a nice waterfront view for pretty affordable price. Waterfront properties, just on average I would say, start I’ve seen them you know you somewhere in the 4’s maybe 500’s and then again if it is a smaller home you could find yourself with a little bit less it just completely depends on supply and demand.

Summers are very popular at Canyon Lake so if you are looking for waterfront property you’ll want to somewhat try to time the market and just keep an eye out for the right property.

If you're looking to purchase or sell property in the Canyon Lake area whether you live in Mystic Shores or anywhere between on the South end of Canyon Lake or even as far as River Chase over going toward New Braunfels, we'd love to help you out. Again I’m with Team Infinity Real Estate Group here at Keller Williams. My name is Brayson Verzella. We have a track record for helping people successfully buy and sell homes.

We would love to help you and interview to earn your business, whether you're looking to buy or sell anywhere in or around the Canyon Lake area we'd love to help you. We are a top producing team here Keller Williams within the region actually. Team Infinity is in the top 5, as of October 2013, realtors and real estate groups in the San Antonio region. We’ve sold over 100 homes in the past 12 months and we are on track to continually increase that.

We’d love to help you out. If you would like to talk to us further, get more statistics on what we have done, please feel free to give us a call, email us, and we will be glad to respond with all the answers to your questions in hopes of working with you.

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