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Hi my name is Brayson Verzella and I am the team leader with Team Infinity Real Estate Group here with Keller Williams Heritage.

I just wanted to take a moment today to talk a little bit about Garden Ridge. Garden Ridge is a beautiful community just northeast of San Antonio Texas. It's directly across I35 of Shertz which is another popular community especially for military folks, but just because of the access to either of these communities they make a wonderful choice for anybody that maybe has a commute towards the down town area, or particularly anywhere on the North East of San Antonio.

Garden Ridge is a little but exclusive in that many of the communities within it are gated so you can expect many of the sub divisions to have gates or you have to punch in a code to get in.

Secondly the average home value or home price in the Garden Ridge area is well into the 300’s, occasionally you can find a home in the high 200’s. It’s kind of hit or miss to be honest with you but you expect on that that it will be an older home and it will, more than likely, require more fixing up and I say that because for the most part homes that are in good condition, great landscaping, that are a little bit more modern and/or that have been renovated do command higher home prices again typically well into the 300’s.

Currently, as of 2013, Garden Ridge has about half the inventory of homes available than it had over the past 5 years, again as of 2013 San Antonio is shifting more into a sellers’ market so if you’re interested in potentially to looking into the Garden Ridge area you should know that the lot sizes are on average much larger than any home you might find in the city, you’re looking at anywhere from a half acre to 3 acres on average. You can sometimes find more but Trophy Oaks I know have lots that are around 3 acres and you can also find one acre lots in a lot of the other communities.

Whitestone is one of the custom builders that build in the Garden Ridge area, another good example of one of the higher end builders would be Rialto homes, they build quite a bit in there. You can use any home builder you would like in an area such as Wild Wind where there are plenty of lots left, again a good average is about an acre. Please keep in mind that on average Wild Wind, even their distressed sales sell into the half million range with their higher end products teetering on about the million dollar level. Some of the entry level products would be some of the older homes so homes do vary in age from as far back as 40 years old to 50 years old up to brand new so age does have a lot to do with it.

But regardless of where you decide to purchase in Garden Ridge you can count on the acreage and you can also count on having some space as well as trees. Trees for the most part with the exception of some of the newer communities are very large and established and again this can vary lot by lot, some trees are very large 50 year old established oak trees, others are filled with cedars which a lot of people do tend to scrap so depending on the size and quality of cedar what type of privacy it might offer you may elect to keep it or not.

Also please keep in mind that Garden Ridge has a lower tax rate than the city of San Antonio, so you can expect to save some money on your monthly mortgage just due to tax rate alone. Garden Ridge has great schools, if you’re in the Canyon Lake and Garden ridge school zone so if you’re looking for a great place to raise children, Garden Ridge is definitely a good contender.

Again just barring the exclusivity and its contingent on whether you’re ok or not spending three maybe four hundred thousand plus on your home.

We’d love to help you if you are interested in finding a property within the Garden Ridge area or if you have any specific questions on Garden Ridge. We help people buy and sell within the Garden Ridge area and we are a top producing team here at Keller Williams Heritage, we do in the neighborhood of 15 million dollars plus. We have five agents actually not including myself and we have admin staff to support anybody that we assist with purchasing or listing their home.

So if you're interested in talking to us about our marketing or you're interested in talking to us about how we can help you purchase and what we offer as a benefit, please feel free to call us or email us our contact information can be found in many places on this website.

I'd love to help you out again my name is Brayson, thanks for taking a look at this video and please continue to use the rest of our site.

Have a great day.

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