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Hi my name is Brayson Verzella and I’m the team leader for Team Infinity Real Estate Group here with Keller Williams Heritage. I want to take a moment, just a few minutes, to talk about the Alamo Ranch area homes for sale in the Alamo Ranch area.

Alamo Ranch is a very successful, very large master plan community in the West, North West side of San Antonio. Alamo Ranch has its own market place where you can find tons of stores whether it be shopping, whether it be dining, just a superstore like Target, Walmart is close by, you also have a Lowes and a Home Depot very close to the Alamo Ranch area so just about anything you could want or need is right there in that vicinity.

Secondly anybody who is getting a position within the West over Hills area at any one of the major corporations there from Microsoft, to City among others such as QVC or anybody who’s stationed at Lackland Air Force Base or working out in the oil fields down South in the Eagle Forth Shale area may find Alamo Ranch is just the perfect spot to house your family. Please keep in mind the crime rate, its actually very low in the Alamo Ranch area, many of the communities are gated it just overall has a really pleasant feel, with beautiful trees throughout they do a really good job of hiding the houses in the communities behind the trees. The main median on Alamo Ranch parkway is always very neatly kept and then has a thorough amount of trees throughout so you can’t see traffic on the opposite lane so if you’re heading West or heading one way, one direction down Alamo Ranch Way that you will not be able to see the traffic that’s coming at you which is just nice in itself, it’s just keeps the aesthetics of the community intact.

Also I’d like to mention that since it is County it actually does have a lower tax rate so please keep that in mind, your mortgage payment would be just that much lower than an equal value product or if you spent the same amount of money in Westover Hills area. The tax rate is in the low 2’s, were on average it’s in the high 2’s for anywhere in San Antonio.

If you’re interested in finding a home in the Alamo Ranch area or if you’re interested in talking to us further about what we can do to help you market your home if you do live in the Alamo Ranch area we’d love to work with you.

Please feel free to take a look at our full website, feel free to google Team Infinity San Antonio just to see what kind of reviews you might be able to find on us as well as what you may be able to find in the way of our marketing presence and hopefully you can use that information to inspect the same for any other realtor or real estate company that you might be thinking about using. We do have a very vast internet presence which helps us meet a lot of new folks and it also helps us sell homes.

If we can do anything for you our contact information is all over the website. We’d love to help you with purchasing or selling your home in the Alamo Ranch area and feel free to contact us at any time if you need any kind of additional information or if you have any specific questions about the area.

Thank you very much and have a great day.

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