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Hello my name is Brayson Verzella and I am the team leader with Team Infinity Real Estate Group here at Keller Williams Heritage. I just want to take a moment to supplement this webpage by talking a little bit about the Boerne area as a whole.

Boerne is a great town; it has a rich German heritage similar to Fredericksburg a little further north and New Braunfels a bit to the East. It has a really awesome downtown area with a lot of charm, character, great shopping as far as antiques go as well as a little bit of a modern flair, you can find a little something for everybody, some of the restaurants and dining facilities are also very unique with charming characters. So if you are one of those people that like charm and character, Boerne is a great spot.

As far as real estate goes the median home price in the Boerne area as of this video was in the low 200's. There’s a reputation that Boerne has of being a very expensive luxurious area for good reason. It definitely has its share of options within the higher price points, but I would like to let everybody know that there are some more reasonable, more affordable price points within the Boerne area. Again on average the median is in the low 200's and it does go up all the way to, as of right now, I believe close to $5 million is roughly where it tops out and it wouldn’t be unheard of for a more expensive property especially if you consider those with a lot of acreage to show up on the market. So, if anything, I'd like to talk about a couple of the communities.

First one, within the same postal code, one of the most prominent communities Cordillera ranch, Cordillera Ranch has about maybe 30-40% of its listings that are currently in its inventory above the $1 million price point.

Everything in Cordillera Ranch for the most part is about 600,000. So they're scattered in between. Cordillera Ranch has two gates to get into the community and also has a number of clubs so you have an archery club, an equestrian Club, you have golfing facility, you have access to the river where you can do river sports like kayaking and things of that nature and overall it's just a wonderful amazing place to live.

If you're looking for privacy with a nice custom home then Cordillera Ranch is definitely a good spot. It’s just as matter maybe whether the location works out for where you might be commuting to.

If you're self-employed and you enjoy just being around the house for the most part and you want a great place to live for a situation like that, Cordillera Ranch is perfect. It has an amazing club amazing facilities throughout and acreage really just varies, get anything from 1 to 10 acres. I believe even more than that so if anything Cordillera Ranch is one to consider.

West of 46 you have Tapatio Springs which is popular. George Strait recently acquired part ownership in the Tapatio Springs area so it’s kind of neat, he’s actually renovating it as of this video, October 2013, he's been renovating it for some time now with partners from what I understand. I took a tour through there recently and they're doing a really good job of just renovating the facility and making it shine.

Diamond Ridge is another community just a little bit east of Tapatio Springs on 46 just pass the Home Depot. It actually has lots available where you can build your own dream custom home. Many of those lots have views. There are typically homes available within the Diamond Ridge area as well so that's definitely one to consider.

Anaqua Springs is a little further out. You almost wouldn’t think it was Boerne but it is within the Boerne area, as far as postal code, so Anaqua Springs is similar to Cordillera Ranch and that is more on the ultra-affluent side when compared to most San Antonio real estate. You have homes in there ranging from roughly 800,000 to over two million at any given time. So if you're interested in an area that’s similar to Cordillera Ranch just as far as the caliber of the homes, really nice custom home builders, and you want something that has some privacy, but maybe is more on about an acre lot, without the amenities, a little closer to Sam Antonio, and without the facilities and the clubs and that sort of thing then Anaqua Springs might be a very good option for you.

We would love to help you and get you more information on any of these communities that you might be interested in. We can definitely expose you to more because of course not every community is displayed on our website.

We actually can get you more homes to put in front of you so it is like everything within the Boerne zip code or anything within the Boerne school district based on your price point, based on a number of factors, we can definitely tailor fit some listing notifications and send them out to you.

We would love to help you and interview to earn your business, whether you're looking to buy or sell anywhere in or around the Boerne area we'd love to help you. We are a top producing team here Keller Williams within the region actually. Team Infinity is in the top 5, as of October 2013, realtors and real estate groups in the San Antonio region. We’ve sold over 100 homes in the past 12 months and we are on track to continually increase that.

We’d love to help you out. If you would like to talk to us further, get more statistics on what we have done, please feel free to give us a call, email us, and we will be glad to respond with all the answers to your questions in hopes of working with you.

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