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Hi my name is Brayson Verzella and I’m the team leader for Team Infinity Real Estate Group here with Keller Williams Heritage. I want to take a moment, just a few minutes, to talk about the New Braunfels area homes for sale in the New Braunfels area.

New Braunfels is a German heritage type town It has a lot of character, it’s got a really awesome downtown. If drive through the downtown circle there on San Antonio Street you can kind of get an idea of what the character of the city is like. It is one of the main streets in the area of New Braunfels. Walnut is also another equator through the city if you will. It crosses over onto the South East side of 35 and it goes all the way through the North West side of 35.

The houses in New Braunfels are really all over the place as far as price point goes. There is a little bit of something for everybody and it’s a large enough city to where you can really find what you’re looking for regardless of what your price point is. I’ve seen older homes there that actually have basements which are very uncommon in the San Antonio area, really uncommon in the new homes in this region. However, I have seen some with some small cellars, small basements in the New Braunfels area which is kind of interesting, kind of neat in itself.

It’s also almost going into what I would consider the hill country kind of heading out towards Canyon Lake where you do see lush rolling hills, green trees, a lot of greenery in and around the New Braunfels area.

It’s also known for its rivers the Guadalupe River, the Comal River, you have Lake McQueeney which is not far away, Lake Placid, Lake Dunlap. Bottom line a number of lakes and areas where you can go and just relax and enjoy yourself whether you’re into water skiing, swimming or just enjoying yourself having a nice picnic, it’s a really nice place.

It’s also home to the worlds, last time I checked, number one water park Schlitterbahn. Schlitterbahn has a couple of additional parks attached to it just because it’s gotten to the point that it is that large. So for instance you have Schlitterbahn, you have surfing bird and there’s a lot of great rides including an uphill water slide which shoots you up the slide as opposed to down which is the case with most traditional water slides, but it’s a great place in itself. There’s a lot of tubing that goes on the area. People get intertubes, just sit in them and just relax all day long. Float down the river during summers. There are plenty of places to go hiking; you’re just a short drive from Canyon Lake. Canyon Lake is another area where a lot of people go, Memorial Day gets super crowded, even the military areas get super crowded so it does have private areas for military, both air force as well as army, which gives you a little bit more privacy, makes it a little easier to find a lot where you can just relax and kind of claim it for your own. The water’s really pretty out there and that is a great lake to go swimming as well as boating or jet skiing and it also has its own lake front property in itself so if you’re interested in lake front property that’s also a great place to consider.

New Braunfels has everything from older to newer, and a lot of the new development is going on outside of loop 337, so if you go outside of that loop you’ll find a handful of new communities and we’d be glad to show you some of the new communities where homes are available and there’s a number of recognized home builders out in these areas as well as places where you can build your own custom homes so please keep that in mind. We can also help you find a lot and help you get your utilities situated and kind of give you an idea of what the cost per square foot is for the area and just make sure that your getting a good deal with which ever custom home builder you choose to go with. I say that because that’s often the case with a lot of folks who are relocating or looking for a retirement home or just a nice place to live in the New Braunfels area.

Again, my name is Brayson Verzella. I’m the team leader with for Team Infinity Real Estate Group. We are a top producing team here in the region. We’ve sold over 100 homes in the last 12 months as of this video. Were a team of 9, actually 6 of us that are realtors and most of us have experience in the New Braunfels area. Of course, we wouldn’t pair you with anybody who doesn’t have experience in the New Braunfels area.

If you’re interested in talking to me I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about purchasing a home, building a home, or listing a home anywhere in or around the New Braunfels area. We do work San Antonio, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Spring Branch, most of that region so once you get to San Marcus that’s kind of out of our comfort zone, we want to represent you in the capacity where we felt that we were doing what was in your best interest.

So if you’re in that area and you’d like to talk to us further or interview us and just get a better idea of what it would be like to work with us, I invite you to please give us a call. Please email me, whatever it may be that makes you comfortable and just let me know and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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