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Hi my name is Brayson Verzella, Im the team leader for Team Infinity Real Estate Group here with Keller Williams Heritage. I just want to take a little bit of time, maybe a few minutes to talk about Stone Oak.

Stone Oak is an amazing master plan community in San Antonio’s North Central area. It’s bordered by couple notable communities Canyon Springs to the North, Riders Ranch to the West and 281 is really the eastern boundary to Stone Oak and 1604 to the South.

Stone Oak was actually built to be an all-encompassing community for its residents so in other words if you live in the Stone Oak area you're supposed to be able to find everything from your restaurants to your clothes that you wear to medical needs and facilities for any kind of medical care you might need, even places of employment really everything within Stone Oak area and they actually twenty years later, thirty years later, did a wonderful job making it happen. So if anything it has been a great success, if you ask anybody within the Stone Oak area how they feel about it I think it's safe to say that many of the residents are very happy to call Stone Oak home.

On average your home values in prices are definitely higher than many other parts of San Antonio area. If you can find anything in the Stone Oak area for under a hundred fifty thousand dollars typically it doesn't last very long at all.

I actually just looked at the past three months of history we're in 2013 April time frame so roughly I was looking at first quarter of sales history in the Stone Oak area and there was one home one for under 150 thousand numerous homes that actually sold for 150 to 200 and the highest home value or home sales price all and three months was right around 800,000’s so value definitely does vary, it does go well over a million depending on which community and which at any given time you know a home sells.

Champion Run, Champions Ridge are to communities where you can definitely find homes from half-millions on up can also find homes on acre and keep in mind that areas such as the ones I’m referring to Waterford Heights being another one within the heights, these are areas where one-acre can cost as much as two hundred thousand dollars so the homes just add to that value.

It’s a very sought after area and has some of the best schools in town I think arguably. If you're interested in real state in the Stone Oak area please feel free to contact us we would love to assist you in purchasing a home. We can find what you're looking for. Stone Oak, you very well might have to move fast if you're in a competitive price range and on the other side of the coin if you have a home and you're considering selling a property within the Stone Oak area, I myself or somebody on the team would love to help you out. We’d love to at least talk to you and have a chance to interview with you even if you are considering talking to multiple agents to see which one your personality matches with and then who makes the most sense for their marketing plan goes.

I'll challenge you to you Google Team Infinity San Antonio, google my name Brayson Verzella which you can find the spelling on this website here under agents and just take a look at any kind of marketing that our competitors do by Google in their name and just hopefully they'll give you a little bit of perspective on what kind marketing presence we have specifically on the Internet.

If we can do anything for you again from buying to selling to just answering questions and seeing if you’re a good fit to help you out in any matter please feel free to contact us, our contact information can be found throughout the website and if you need anything please just give us a shout.

Thank you very much for taking time to watch my video and please take a look at the others on the site we have some for various communities throughout the site. Have a great day.

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